Alignment for Pregnancy & Birth – A Two-Hour Workshop & Movement Class

Date: Saturday, March 21
1:15 – 3:15pm

Pregnancy and childbirth are amazing, powerful experiences in a woman’s life. But it doesn’t always feel that way.

As a matter of fact, many women experience quite a bit of physical pain (beyond the normal discomforts) during pregnancy. And far too many women have very difficult births that require myriad interventions, even resulting in surgical births. Medical establishment aside, mechanical issues are one of the primary causes of these problems.

In thiThoracicStretch2s two hour workshop and movement class, presented by ICAN of Southeastern Pennsylvania and led by Restorative Exercise™ Specialist Jennifer Gleeson Blue, you will explore the basic alignment adjustments necessary to:

  • avoid/decrease pain in pregnancy
  • optimize birthing space
  • enhance overall pelvic floor function (no more sneeze pee!)
  • prevent or minimize diastasis recti
  • improve strength-to-GROWING-weight ratio

This workshop is your starting line if:

  • you are looking to have a better pregnancy
  • you want to optimize your chances of having a positive birth experience
  • you are planning a VBAC
  • you’ve been told your pelvis is too small to give birth
  • you had a prior malpositioned baby
  • you need to manage your blood pressure
  • you want your body to be in the best shape possible to recover from a planned cesarean
  • you know pregnancy doesn’t have to be this miserable

Come prepared to explore stories of birthing, corrective exercises, and essential information about lifestyle adjustments that can make all the difference in your childbearing year.

Note: the sooner you begin aligning your body, the easier it is to adapt to the changes pregnancy brings. So this class is definitely for those of you planning a future pregnancy, too!

Date: Saturday, March 21
1:15 – 3:15pm

Fee: $20 (free for ICAN of SePA members!)

Location: Mama’s Wellness Joint (1100 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107)

To Register as a Non-Member: CLICK HERE
Member Registration: please email to confirm your attendance.

1956675_1474168836127823_369851092_oAbout Jennifer: Jennifer Gleeson Blue is a Restorative Exercise™ Specialist who has trained extensively with the Restorative Exercise™ Institute. Having discovered this work following her 54-hour labor with a malpositioned baby (whom she delivered via cesarean section), she is very passionate about ensuring women have the tools they need to have a better experience, an aligned experience. Jennifer is also a certified Restorative Breathing™ Practitioner and trained life coach. More about her can be found here:

About Restorative Exercise™: Restorative Exercise™ is a program centered on the principles of alignment and natural movement. Founded by biomechanist Katy Bowman, it gives you the tools to take ownership over your health, to prevent disease and injury and to create optimal human function. More about the Institute can be found here:

Meeting Canceled – Saturday February 21

Due to unforeseen health issues we are obligated to cancel today’s meeting in Philadelphia. Please stay in touch with this page and our Facebook pages for future meeting dates and the rescheduled date for the alignment class. we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We also look forward to seeing and serving you next month. See you in March!


The ICAN Of Sepa Leadership Team

ICAN Of SePa: Birth Circle in Philadelpia

Join us this upcoming Saturday in Philly!

Date: Saturday, February 21

Time: 1:15 – 3:15pm

Location: Mama’s Wellness Joint (1100 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107)

Come share your experiences in a compassionate setting! Give and receive support as you navigate your pre-baby journey or your induction into new parenthood.

Birthing Approaches Roundtable – January 17 in Media

Our January meeting is the perfect place to learn about different approaches to childbirth. With four separate presenters, you’ll have opportunity to hear how they teach childbirth and to get your questions answered.

Elisabeth Nourse Women

Our roundtable will feature:
Karen Zamperini, CH, HCHI, CLD, CBC
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor

Dawn Star Sarahs-Borchelt, CD (BFW)
Birthing From Within Childbirth Mentor and Certified Doula

Brittany Sharpe McCollum, CCE(BWI), CD(DONA)
Birth Works Certified Childbirth Educator and DONA certified Birth Doula

Heidi Lengel, MMT, MT-BC
Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth Specialist; Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula; Creative Arts Childbirth Educator

Whether you are already planning a birth or have a hunch one is around the corner for you, we are sure you will come away with really useful information.

Date: Saturday, January 17
Time: 10am- Noon
Location: Ohm Chiropractic, 327 N. Middletown Road, Media, PA  19063

This meeting is open and free of charge. Lap babies welcome. Older children welcome with an additional caretaker.

Vbac Preparedness & How to Choose the Right Provider: November 15, 2014

Please join us for our November meeting for a specialized birth circle where the focus will be on preparing for a VBAC. Different from our VBAC classes, this support will be guided by CBAC & VBAC moms as well as supportive doulas to help you prepare for your next birth.

Come share your stories, questions, and needs for support in a compassionate and understanding setting.

Date: Saturday, November 15, 2014
Time: 10am-Noon 
Location: Ohm Chiropractic, 327 N Middletown Rd, Media, Pennsylvania 19063

This is an open meeting; anyone interested in cesarean awareness and support is always welcome. There will be birth professionals attending as usual. Partners and lap babies are welcome.

Birth Trauma Healing: Monday, October 13

Our October meeting in Philly will address the important topic of birth trauma, including how birth trauma can affect your well-being, grieving afterwards, when to seek help, and how to move forward. Our featured speaker, Sarah Learned Sciarra, MSS, LCSW, will discuss these and other topics, followed by a Q&A session and a birth circle.

This meeting is open to all, and free of charge.

Date: Monday, October 13,
Time: 6-8pm 
Location: Cloth (a retail store) 1605 E. Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148



We hope you’ll join us at our next meeting!

ICAN of Southeastern Pennsylvania has a reputation for loving, consistent support of families all throughout the area. Whether you are hoping to prevent a primary cesarean, are recovering from one or planning your next birth after a cesarean, we hope you’ll attend one of our meetings and experience this amazing community.

View our calendar here.